The comments on the MP post regarding the missing woman who may have been on a Tinder date has me eye rolling real hard.

Before being in a relationship with a guy I met online, I went on a lot of first dates with guys I met online. I'm socially awkward and I don't drink. Where else do shy, socially awkward, but otherwise pretty cool teetotalers meet people than the internets?

The worst things to ever happen to me were bad dates with people I didn't find compatible. Had anything more serious ever happened, I carry pepper spray and I'm usually texting my friends while I wait for my date to show up. Not everything about meeting people online is a Craigslist Killer Lifetime movie. If I buy something off of Craigslist, I request to meet in a public space or just ask people to leave stuff on the curb and I drop money off in their mailbox and leave a message telling them so once I'm in the car. Zero problems buying or selling.

Maybe I'm just fortunate and comfortable with being a rube, but the world isn't a 100% scary place all the time. Use some common sense and relax, people.