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Maybe Ipad Was Not Best Buy

For Black Friday my mother treated herself to a 32 gig Ipad. She said it was “ours” as the big Xmas Day purchase.

Not sure if she knows what “our” means. Guess who spent an hour setting it up? Me. Guess who heard “I really don’t like you touching it, its full of fingerprints”? She also has been touching it Me. I simply said “its a touch screen of course there are fingerprints” Guess who had to get the Windex? Me.

Getting email was the reason why she bought it. She has figured it out with my help. . Well today she brought up email on her own. Phew. I then heard loud taps. Then she said “I tap and nothing happens”.


Ever play on an old fashioned Pinball game? You pull back the plunger then release. The further you pull back on the plunger the harder it will hit the ball when you release. That’s how she kept tapping on the screen it was like the plunger was pulled all the way back and the screen was the ball. Then once her finger hits the screen it does not pop up right away. Of course it does not work.

I had showed her how to tap too when we got it. I thank god we got a book binder cover with keyboard.

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