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Welcome To The Bitchery

Maybe my favorite episode of "Mindy" yet?

I usually giggle and get one big laugh out of a given "Mindy Project" episode, but I laughed so much watching this one. It advanced Mindy/Danny stuff and made Cliff a legit love interest (though, you know, obstacles! — love the appearance by Ellie Kemper). Also, Morgan and Peter seducing Cliff was pretty priceless. The "winky face" exchange was gold.


This show's writing is sharp, and it's pretty much the perfect romcom recipe — satisfying, entertaining long game with lots of hijinks week to week and a great secondary cast.

Also, Danny Castellano is a beautiful creation:

"I get a little lonely sometimes....if it's a little drizzly out, or if I see pictures of the First Family doing that Easter egg hunt."

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