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Maybe not important i the scheme of things....

But I am capping off my super shitty day by taking a huge cab ride out to my Dad's place to pick up a functional laptop and then coming right back without staying AND I have a delicious adult beverage with me to sloshily consume along the way; by the time I get home again I hope to be shitfaced. It's in a cup I stole out of the Magic bullet box I bought to make puréed food after my gastric surgery — I am appreciating the irony as I guzzle. And am also hating the KM stuff. Who asked for all these disapproving people's approval anyway? That would be 'no one.' Assholes hate to see generosity because it makes them feel guilty. It's THEIR PROBLEM. Do you know there is no caps lock on a phone?? What a pain! slugs. KM, enjoy your smile!!!!!


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