Between LePage and now Lockman and his history of highly offensive statements, it'll dawn on people that rural, Northern Maine especially has extreme right wingers that hold very different views than the more progressive people down in Southern Maine. LePage is weird because politically, higher offices have always been filled with moderates, probably because of progressives in the state but still, there is a very large and poor population that votes republican(ironically enough—fucking people I grew up with were republican and poor as shit, as if supply side economics would be good for them).

People I meet always tell me that it's not like as bad in other parts of the country— maybe not as a whole state, but fuck, I grew up in what has been called the Bible Belt of New England, where I forcibly had to pray at graduation at my public high school and the only time I'd hear about Queer people was when the good old boys would get their baseball bats to beat the crap out of gay couples in the park. THAT REALLY MADE ME FEEL COMFORTABLE ABOUT COMING OUT. No, actually it didn't. It just made me mortally afraid that if anyone found out, they'd beat me and that's a fun way to grow up.

So, you know, we all know there are all sorts of problems in various areas of the US but let's never forget that there are really fucked up pockets of bigotry in New England, like everywhere else.


And the best part of it is, Michaud, their congressional representative came out as a Gay man. Let's hope that the better angels of their nature convinces them that he is still the best man for the job.