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Maybe some science-y person can help me out....

I've written on here about smoking before. I smoke very little now - maybe one cigarette a day, often I don't have any, and sometimes have as many as three a day.

I'm starting NuvaRing in a few days (I was given the ring a few weeks ago, but my doc told me to either wait ten days from having sex and then take a pregnancy test before starting or wait until my period started and put it in towards the end).

I have two questions:
1) I was given the ring, but stupid RiteAid covered the expiration date with a bunch of stickers. The exp date they gave me was before three weeks would even be up from that day, not to mention that I was going to be waiting at least a week. I took off that sticker and it says the ring is good for 4 months - am I okay?


2) I know you're not supposed to smoke when taking combination hormonal BC. But my original doctor, knowing how little I actually smoke, didn't seem terribly concerned. I saw another doctor about the prescription (because I get migraines) and they wanted me to stop, but they are known as very aggressive about smoking by other people who have seen them. So, am I going to give myself a stroke if I have the occasional cigarette still?

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