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Maybe the world's going to be okay, guys


So today is slow at work, and I've been browsing over at Yahoo, and not only are there several heartwarming articles but you guise! The comments! These articles are precisely the type to bring out the terrible yahoo trollies and yet, nothing doing. I normally use Yahoo as my yard stick for the lowest common denominator of humanity, and damn it, humanity, you're doing pretty good today.

For instance, take this article on a mom launching a kickstarter to make a plus sized kids clothing line so that bigger kids can have cute age appropriate clothes too. I mean, I'm sorry, I clicked to read that expecting to see 4000 comments about how kids are too fat and parents are awful, etc, and nope. Just a bunch of people saying hey, this would be nice for my kid!


Or this article, on a little girl with cerebral palsy who was the first to be hired as a model by a British company. She's ridiculously cute and the commenters agreed! Seriously you guys, look at this little girl. I'll take five of her, please.

Let's talk about this beauty queen who had the courage to ditch her wig and compete in pageants bald! Not a single asshole commented about her being ugly or gross, but a ton of people applauded her. Yahoo commenters, are you on soma???

Note: If this is messing with your entire world view too much, don't worry. You can still click on the article about the new Swedish rating systems based on the Bechdel test and weep for the future. Thank you, fellow who "doesn't go to the movies to hear women talk"! Things seem like they're back in the right order now.

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