I always heard from people who move to New England from other states how cold and unfriendly neighbors are. Well my mother has tried to reach the wife on the other side of our fence. They are a married couple with kids.

Anyways my mother spoke to the husband and issue of fence is resolved. Well today my mother was talking to a woman down the street. A nice woman. She was telling us that the wife and her kids left a YEAR ago only husband lives there. How did we not know this? How did we not have a clue people were missing?

Now in good weather in the morning after BF and GF’s breakfast and before mine we walk and often walk right in front of the house on opposite side of our fence.


I do concentrate completely in GF and BF so they do not do anything stupid. They are on four foot leashes each wrapped through my wrists. Lately BF has gotten it in his head to mount GF while we walk. She ignores it while she sniffs the ground. I pull him back..

How did WE not know this. How could the fact we never saw the wife nor the kids not sink in? For a whole year. As my mother puts it she was not paying attention to them. Neither was I.

I cannot but wonder if there is not a validity to this idea New Englanders are worst neighbors. Or we are. I would prefer blaming this collectively then thinking we are bad neighbors.