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Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks...

A quick update I wanted to share. My guitar lessons are going super well! I love it so much! I’m learning a lot and I’m now obsessed with music theory. My lessons have had a big impact though, since a bunch of people I know have been inspired to try their hand at stuff they always wanted to do too!

I feel really great about this. I had no idea my guitar adventure would cause others to look up and go “hey, I could do that too!”. How awesome is that?


My next door neighbor saw me bringing my guitar out to my car a few weekends ago and we struck up a conversation. I mentioned how I always wanted to learn so I said, fuck it, and did something about it. She said that was awesome and mentioned she always wanted to learn to knit. I told her to go for it. A few days later she told me she started taking knitting lessons at a local craft store and I’ll be the recipient of her first scarf.

My mother, who works in an elementary school, told my story to the other teachers and now one has taken up horseback riding lessons, another is taking ballroom dancing classes and a third has decided to try her hand at writing a romance novel! One of my coworkers told me I inspired him to go back to songwriting in his spare time. My sister has expressed a desire to learn calligraphy so I’m going to buy her a starter kit and surprise her with it next time she visits.

I don’t know, guys. This is such an awesome feeling. I had no idea my “fuck it, why not?” moment would give others the nudge they needed to take up hobbies and crafts they always wanted to try. I had no clue I’d bring GOOD into this world. This is such an odd feeling.

I guess the moral of the story is, fuck it, do what you’ve always wanted to do! You aren’t too old to learn something new and you deserve to be happy. Or something. I don’t know. “Optimism” is a really weird, foreign feeling, guys.

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