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Some more questionable excepts from the Brutally honest oscar voter series over at THR. via Celebitchy

This is the weirdest comment about Dev Patel: “Lucas Hedges was next to go — I don’t really think he’s the discovery of the century, sorry. Then [Lion’s Dev] Patel. He really seems like he’s needy as an actor and just wants you to like him, but he shouldn’t be that needy — he’s grown up to be a really handsome, sexy dude, with this mid-range brown color, so everyone loves him.

Another bizarre racial comment, this time about Fences: “I just love Viola [Davis]. She has no business being in the supporting category [for Fences], but I voted for her anyway because she was incredible. Despite how many times she’s played that part, she was totally in it. I mean, that scene where there’s snot falling out of her nose? If that isn’t incredible acting then I don’t know what is. It was touching. To me, that film doesn’t just speak about black relationships and how black men go on and have child after child; it was a film about the men in America and the women who support them. I had a troubled childhood with my father and it spoke to me at a very neutral level.



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