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Maybelline Hires Guy For Mascara Campaign (UPDATE)

Buzzfeed is reporting that another national brand has hired one of those male Instagram youths to be the face of a campaign. He’ll be spokes modelling for a new mascara. He’s named Manny Gutierrez and I can see why they chose his for mascara because the boy does LASHES with his make-up looks.

He’s the first male spokesmodel for Maybelline. I love that major brands are including male spokesmodels for their makeup. Hopefully this is giving some hope to men who want to wear makeup but feel they can’t because society says it’s just for women.


Covergirl recently had James Charles as their model for So Lashy mascara.

Update: In a disappointing turn, it turns out this guy isn’t exactly the best choice as spokesmodel. He’s friends with Jeffree Starr who is known to say racist and misogynistic things. He’s also mocked others in videos.

So not the best guy to be the face of a campaign. It’s still good that they are moving outside the “norm” of using women but I wish they chose a more worthy man for the job.

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