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Mayor Walsh Needs To Pull St. Patrick's Day Parade Permit

This is sickening that a Veteran’s group can ban another Veteran’s group because they are lgbt. They did. While those in OUTVETs had to hide their sexuality for far too many years during and prior to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The South Boston Allied Veteran Council voted 9 to 4 to exclude Outvets. SBAV are the organizers of the parade.

Its clear they do not give a shit about being a Band Of Sisters and Brothers. It makes me so mad about these Veterans are would deny other vets access to a parade done on public streets all because they are gay.

I do not know if these organization is connected to the VA but if so the VA needs to condemn this group and pull any support.


These 9 that voted yes were they the type of military who outed their gay sisters and brothers or worse deliberately put them at risk on the battlefield? If you notice not one of these 9 cowards have come forward. Makes me wonder if they were cowards when serving.

Walsh needs to pull their parade permit asap then for next year make the parade sponsored by the city. Pulling the permit will hurt this group in the wallet.

I find it sickening that my taxes have to go to these cowardly bigots health care and pensions.

So mad. Oh if a vet cannot stand with their fellow vets because of their sexuality you do not deserve my respect or thanks.


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