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Shit, I have had a fair amount of animosity directed at John McCain since at least the 2008 election. Before he died. Before all of the legacy talk. He DID unleash Sarah Palin & that was some fuckery. I don’t buy into the narrative that she alone paved the way for Trump, though I think she helped. I think those seeds were planted well before her, like, 20 years before her with Gingrich & Limbaugh, but it’s easy to pin it on her. The republicans have been playing a long game since at least the late 80s/early 90s & they’re fucking good at it. Their goal is a christian Theocracy. They are ever more dangerously close to achieving it.

Before he announced his running mate, I had given him & his campaign the time of day. I was always going to vote for Barack Obama, but he was the first Republican that made me stop & think about partisanship, or money where your mouth is. Even after the disaster of a Bush Presidency, I was willing to really hear what he had to say.


I was so wrong about that & relieved that I came to that conclusion before I went in to the voting booth. He suffered immense torture & physical pain. He put our country above himself for a war he came to know as misguided, at best. He really was a hero....

BUT. He came home and decided to champion policies that hurt a lot of Americans & people around the world. Consistently & for decades. Full stop.

Which is a long~winded way to say that while I respect the man he was, he ultimately was a follower; not a maverick. He had plenty of opportunities to maverick all over the place and he didn’t. He would talk a good game, but ultimately, always, vote for the wrong side of history. Voting to hurt people. He voted the party line & helped to hurt people for many years. One “thumbs down” vote on the ACA does not a hero make. Neither does being a vocal opponent of Trump, yet voting for every disastrous policy his Party presented.

I joined the Twitters on 1/21/17 because I thought it might be time. I had no interest before then but knew that the orange menace would never stop tweeting & it was my civic duty to know about it. And find my people, the opposition. I made a point of seeking out & following many people whose point of view I would have no other way of knowing. This is at least one of the up~sides to the internet:) At the risk of sounding like I want cookies for it, which I don’t, I followed WOC, MOC, journalists, professors, artists, writers, scientists, ex~gov officials, one subject experts (plus some funny people!)


Slapped me right quick & turned my head around. This has deepened my knowledge & point of view beyond measure. I never tweet, but boy, do I read, absorb & listen.

John McCain deserves the fealty & respect he’s been given. He also deserves the criticism & anger.

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