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Welcome To The Bitchery

OK, so this story has been on my facebook feed and the comments have been everywhere from very thoughtful to worthy of unfriending.


I wasn't there, it's possible that the professor was abrasive. I'm more willing to believe the students were acting like dicks, had been for the whole semester, were taking a discussion of structural racism much too personally and wanted 'feel oppressed' for some reason. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a class that fit some sort of general ed requirement needed for graduation and they were upset they were being 'forced' to learn about race, class and power.


I understand it's hard to learn you are a beneficiary in an unjust system. You may not want to accept that you have things easier than others because you work hard. Accepting that you have privileges that others do not have is a big step but it's not the only one we have to make. It is much more important that we work to make sure that everyone in our society gets the same chances. Recognize bullshit, call it out, and work to get rid of it.

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