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...are still keeping company.

We’ve talked on the phone every day since we’ve met. Fishing, clamming, crabbing, cooking, snuggling, mcgyvering, watching movies & sleeping. Together.

The geographic distance has been tricky; we’re an hour’s drive apart. So far, it’s been fine. More fine with me...


He loves Walligator & Mook and they adore him, too. 4th of July Man insisted on keeping them for my run away vacation. Insisted. Saved me a billion dollars & worry. When I came home, it was a giant boy/dog love party that made me so happy.

It’s me keeping us at arms length. He’s a gem & I’m an asshole. Today, me the asshole turned a corner. I’m pretty sure I love him. Not sure yet when I’ll tell him this.

This weekend, we are gonna cook dinner over a fire, make popsicle stick shit to enter a funny contest, and get drunk together with the Jameson. It’s high time we step in to each others world in a real way.

Here is my last mention; you can follow the breadcrumbs backwards.

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