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I got to thinking, a while ago, that Aphra Behn is a fascinating woman, and there should be a movie about her. I've said it on here several times. She was an English playwright during the Restoration. Last time I was between jobs, I decided that maybe I should try writing a movie about her. Which requires research and all that. Not right now, but someday. So I went online and, in a late-night splurge, ordered a bunch of books about her life. Because surely, that's where to start on a biopic. One must become an expert on the subject. The thing is, I don't want to become an expert on the subject. I just want to sit back with my popcorn and watch it. Maybe work on it, because the clothes would be pretty and numerous, and the locations could get quite exotic (she travelled to Surinam maybe). But I don't really want to write it.

So here I am, with the books I ordered. I have much to do before my job starts up again in February. Whatever reading I schedule usually gets trumped by TV marathons of shows I haven't yet seen, and sometimes by ones I have. I do my only writing when I'm waiting for stuff, like at the DMV or the mechanic. This is going to take a while. Does anyone else know about Aphra Behn? Want a writing partner? or do you have a script ready? I feel like I was a bad Angeleno, because I didn't have a script written, collecting dust somewhere, just in case someone with that kind of power happened to be in my house. I do want to write a script, but not this one. Not now. I also considered writing an article for here about her, and indeed I might still, once I start learning about her. Anybody know any experts on Restoration theatre? Or Holland? or Surinam? Or spies? Or Charles II?


I better get crackin'. At least reading the dust-jackets is sparking motivation, now. Drafts are supposed to suck. I should at least have a draft, right? then I can procrastinate as long as I feel like!

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