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Is it too early in the day to be posting ghost stories? I wanted to join in the spooky fun, although the scariest thing I'm about recount didn't even happen to me. Anyway, here are some ghostly anecdotes:

1. For about two months in 2011, I worked on a farm in rural western Michigan. Housing was provided for workers at an old farm house about a mile down the road. I was told that I would be sharing the house with two other women about my age, which was not a problem for me. However, it turned out that one of the women had a serious boyfriend, and she pretty much spent every night and weekend with him. The other young woman, she stopped working full-time about a month after I got there, and she moved back to her home town a little while away. So, I was alone more often than not in this big old farm house. I fucking hated that house because it made me feel ... weird. It started as soon as I moved in. At first I slept in a room on the second floor. There were only two rooms up there — my room and this other room. The Other Room creeped me the fuck out. It had a working light fixture, but the room was always pretty dark due to being rather long and only having one window. The room didn't have a door either. I had to pass by this room to get to my room, and I didn't like looking at the entrance, especially at night. I don't know what exactly caused me to ask one of the other workers about this, but one day I asked them if anyone had died in the house or something to that effect. It turned out a baby had died a rather gruesome death there in the 1940s. That made me feel a lot better ... not, especially when I essentially lived there alone after the first month. Even though I had moved down to the first floor, some nights I was so paranoid, I slept on the bathroom floor. Besides a general feeling of absolute dread, I never experienced anything truly supernatural in that house, except ... for one day when I was standing in the driveway, and I looked up at the window of the Other Room, and I saw the curtain move as if someone had been looking out. However, no one was in the house, and I didn't recall there being any windows open up there, so there couldn't have been a draft. I never mentioned it to anyone, and I convinced myself the wind must have did it, but I'm not sure. Also, the same girl who told me a baby had died in the house told me the first night she spent in the house she thought she heard a baby crying ... even though the house was surrounded by fields on two sides and roads on the other.


2. There was another house in Michigan that really scared me. The couple that owned the farm where I worked had a small herd of cattle, and in one of the pastures where they kept the cows, there was an abandoned house. I didn't have a car, and I had limited means of entertainment, so I spent a lot of my free time hanging around the cows and exploring the old house. The back wall of the house had been pushed in with a tractor (?), I guess to discourage squatters, even though the area was pretty sparsely populated. Anyway, the house was rather strange in that the first floor still had most of its windows and the rooms were fairly well-lit by natural light. The second floor, however, was missing all of its windows — actually the second floor seemed to have way fewer windows in general for how big it seemed from the outside. Plus, the second floor was ALWAYS dark, no matter how sunny it was. I was both curious about what was up there and very afraid. I finally figured out the stairs to that floor were in the kitchen, which itself was all but inaccessible due to a giant mound of debris in the way. I finally got into the kitchen one day, though, and as I was looking at the stairs, I suddenly felt the hair on the back of my neck rising, and I immediately lost the urge to go upstairs, almost as if *someone* was telling me not to go up there. I high-tailed it out of there and never went in the kitchen again. I know that sensation could be written off as anxiety or something, but I've been in a fair number of abandoned buildings, including one right next to an old cemetery, and I've never felt the way I did in that house. I never asked if anyone died in that house because I didn't want my boss to find out I'd been messing around in there, but I wouldn't be surprised given how old it seemed.

3. Finally, a short but sweet spooky whopper: last year or the year before, one of my good friends told me about a mutual friend's sister. Apparently the sister went to school in Alabama, and she moved into a really old apartment. Not long after, she started noticing strange things like she would be putting groceries away, and maybe she had some items out on the counter and they would rearrange themselves in a straight line while her back was turned. The same thing happened when she was in the bathroom, she would have her toiletries out, and they would be arranged in a straight line when she wasn't looking. Then something ... happened one day, and all of a sudden she started seeing what my friend described as "a cloud of black swirlies," and they started following her everywhere. The worst part? When she told her father, he was like, oh yeah, I've been seeing those for years. They follow me too. Um, what? A few months ago I saw the guy who had told me this story, and I finally thought to ask if the sister had ever moved out, and he said, yeah, but those swirlies still followed her for a while after she changed apartments.

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