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Me Before You WTF

So I just saw a trailer for this film and googled it to read the plot summary. In a nutshell (for those too lazy to do the same), a rich dude gets paralyzed and becomes quadriplegic after an accident. He is super depressed and desperate and wants to commit assisted suicide (how is this ok? unclear) but agrees to wait six months so his mom can convince him life is worth living. She hires a young woman to be his caretaker. Turns out she is not really living life to its fullest so he decides to teach her how to reach her potential, they go on lots of adventures together, have an amazing time, fall in love, etc. They both admit that they have changed each other’s lives completely. He then decides that he is still not willing to live life paralyzed so plans to kill himself anyway. At first she is really mad but forgives him before he kills himself and is then okay with it. And then he kills himself rather than live life in a wheelchair.

Soooooooooooooo. How is this remotely okay? How did this apparently very popular book get made into a movie? How is this not the most offensive ableist shit ever???? Am I missing something?


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