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Mini~bar surprise

Me & Mr. 4th went to a wedding yesterday and stayed over in a pretty swanky hotel. If there is a mini~bar I always look at the goodies & the outrageous prices they charge. Like, $5.00 for a bag of peanut M&Ms or $8.00 for a Bud Light. Imagine my surprise when I saw this:


Me: “Mr. 4th!!! Look at this!!!!

Him: “Holy shit.”

Dissolve in giggles.

Most hotels work really hard to keep you from thinking about the many, many sexy~times that have occurred in their beds. This hotel exposed the Wizard & took control by inferring, “Here! We’ll help you get with the sexy~times! And our rooms are SUPER CLEAN!!”

This mini~bar amenity cost $30.00 which made us laugh harder. There was a separate $8.00 condom but we couldn’t find it :)

Any hotel stories, GT?

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