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Me no can makeup

I got an Ulta catalog in the mail today. It has lots of pretties in it, and I think I want to try some things. Help me figure what I need.

First of all, I'm 34, and I can count the number of times I've worn foundation on one hand. I just hate how foundation seems to suffocate my skin. I've always focused on my eyes, but I need to invest in decent brushes and good mascara and shadows. Blush is super scary, so I may not go near it.

My skin isn't great, and there are lines starting to show around my eyes (damn you to hell, crow's feet). There is some spottiness, especially on my forehead, but overall I am very pale. I need something to even out everything, with the added benefit of helping my skin (does such a wondrous product exist?).


Also, my eyebrows are embarrassing, y'all. They are pretty nonexistent and make my pathetic attempt at a smokey eye laughable.

So, dear makeup able people, please drown me in your knowledge, tips, and recommendations. Help meeee.

Please and thank you.

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