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Me, Reading Comments On An Article From Someone's Personal Blog, Shared To The Mainpage


April! You have a dismiss button. Use it. We won't judge.

I just want to be there for someone who's new to this whole thing. So I can hold her hand and say:

'Now, you're going to get a lot of comments from people calling you a fat crazy cunt bitch. This is quite normal. No, you don't need to answer them and explain how you are not fat or crazy or a cunt or a bitch. It's probably best that you don't do that, actually....oh and now here come the comments about Obamacare. OK...and yes, yes- and they are calling you a 'Libtard Dummi-crat.' That's all on schedule as well. No, I realize that you didn't say anything about Obama or health care or politics. Just keep going, we're almost through this. And here come the rash of 40 people correcting you on the one typo you made. And they will call you a dumbass who writes 'like shit.' We just have to get through all the people who ask you 'who pays you to write this crap' and 'I can't believe you get paid to write.' Yes, it's alright. We all know you didn't get paid. None of do. It doesn't matter dear. Oh wait! Here we go. Giant picture of a dildo and someone telling you to suck it. Did not think we were going to see that quite so fast. Still waiting to see people calling you a 'typical Jezzie' and referencing feminists who don't want to have 'real conversations'. And there it is! That's it, dear. Just another typical Jezebel mainpage thread!

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