Cute Boy Person is going out of town today and didn't invite me. He told me last night that he's going to his parents' for the weekend. I have spent approximately every day with him for the past month and my initial reaction (which I didn't state) was "AWESOME! ME TIME!"

I am really very happy in this relationship but I haven't been in one that involved this much time together in like 16 years or something. DeposedDespot had kids in another country that he spent about 1/3 of the year with, so even though I lived with him, I spent less time with him than I've been spending with Cute Boy Person. I haven't been writing as much as I'd like. I haven't just sat in my house and watched tv by myself. I've painted my nails twice in the last month, once when I had a friend over for therapy manicures.

I get to do whatever the fuck I want! Hooray for me time!

This morning, he asked me what I'm going to do today and I said that I was going to handle the task that I need to do that I can do via email, go post-Halloween shopping at Walgreens (but nowhere else because poor), and then take the rest of the day off. I'm going to paint my nails! Maybe spend that $50 Amazon gift certificate that I got for Christmas. Maybe do some writing and watch Kolchak. And then tomorrow... I don't even know!


I do want to spend some time in the kitchen, cleaning before he gets back because I didn't carry my weight on that the other night and he made soooooo much progress in there.

What are you going to do today or this weekend for yourself?