(People are upset with me using stock photos, so I’m just going to send photos of my actual geographic area. You are looking at Mt. Diablo. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Sierras!)

I want to issue an apology to the community. Some people have felt that I’ve been abusive of the GT community, and I do not want to dismiss their feelings.

I have an anxiety disorder. I am on prescription drugs, and I am in treatment for three hours a week - two hours with a psychiatrist and one hour with a psychologist. I am getting a side job to pay for therapy, because the expense has become overwhelming.

Some community members have felt hurt that I do not promptly respond to comments on some of the posts I’ve made regarding my state of affairs. I want to address that. Writing a post about my feelings and situation takes a lot of effort and energy. I then become very anxious about responses and about revisiting my own expressed feelings, so it could be days before I look at it. It could be days still before I’m able to respond. Please do not take that personally. That does not mean that I don’t cherish the support and respect each and every comment I read, no matter its tone. If this is unacceptable, perhaps I should no longer post on GT about personal matters. I do not wish to be rude. I would appreciate some direction on the matter. Thank you.


Again, I apologize to anyone whom I have offended. I never meant to be hurtful. I am so sorry.