I'm tired of eating the same thing every week, halp!

Shopping/budgeting/meal planning/cooking is such a pain in the ass with my damn picky family, my brain is fried and I need some outside advice. (Grocery day tomorrow.)

I don't eat meat, but everyone else does, so easily adjustable is nice. Ingredients that can be used in multiple dishes over the week are great. I usually pressure cook some chicken breasts, then make tacos, enchiladas, and pasta dishes with the meat. Everyone but me is a wuss when it comes to spicy and ethnic foods, half the time my 3yo won't even eat anything on his noodles, not even mac and cheese, or even a freakin pbj. Sneaky veggies are a-okay with me. I know it's better that they learn to eat and enjoy healthy foods, but at this point I just want to get the food in their bodies. The 8yo is better about trying new things and eating a decent veggie portion, but the struggle can be wearing.

My regular menu is tex-mex 2-4x a week, spaghetti, pasta bake, pizza (this is one we can keep), quiche, some variation of potatoes, meat, and veg, and sometimes hot dogs.


I'm pretty well sick of most of it. Variety is good, easy is good, fast is nice, but not necessary. I have a multi cooker, so slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes are super. Mr.BT usually only eats two meals, so hearty is good. Well rounded is pretty important to me, I'm sure everyone would be happy with a bunch of refined starches, but that's not gonna fly with me.

Also open to kids lunch ideas.

Okay! I'll be back in three hours and I expect you to have solved all my problems by the time I get back! Throw in some world peace while you're at it!