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I got suckered in by advertising and decided to try both Daily harvest and Hungryroot. Currently I use Sunbasket - but have tried multiple others (plated and blue plate and then a local one). I will give brief preliminary reviews below.

DAILY HARVEST: Daily harvest gives you cups - you choose what meals or drinks you want in them. The cups need to be kept in the freezer. You bring them out when you want to prep them. I got one overnight oats and two chia parfaits, and then a few lunch bowls. I had a coupon code that let me try it out for much cheaper - if you want to try it - definitely look for a code.

I’ve only tried one of the overnight oats and chia parfaits so far. They take 6-8 hours in the fridge which was disappointing as I had wanted to have one for breakfast, but didn’t read the directions till this morning. I prepped them this morning (just add a milk product) and just tried both - and they are delicious, actually. Not too sweet and seem packed with tasty things. I’m assuming they are intended to be 2 servings - but I might be wrong.


HUNGRYROOT: I made two hungryroot dishes for lunch so I could try a little of both and just have them in the fridge for later meals. I had a yuba noodle and brussel sprouts ginger lo mein for lunch, then tried a tiny bit of the kohlrabi pesto pasta (no actual pasta was in the dish). Both were pretty tasty -not mind blowing. Eating one serving of the lo mein left a lot to be desired. I think it was like 250 calories, so I guess that is to be expected. I’m pretty hungry again - so there’s that.

VERDICT: Jury’s out. I’m curious to try the daily harvest bowls as lunches and see if they end up being better and easier than my current lunches (leftovers, generally - or Amy’s frozen meals). They take up little room in the freezer - so they are better than typical frozen meals on that count. I am wanting to lose weight before my mom and I go to China next year - so maybe one of these could be helpful, as it is certainly not happening with the über-delicious Sunbasket (so many delicious tempeh recipes!). But I think if I were to be more disciplined and spread sunbasket out across 3 or 4 meals instead of 2, that could help.

Anyway, just needed to distract myself while the vote is going on.  I can’t stand this. Talk about anything distracting you so wish right here

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