Ugh, I have complained here before about some of the women married to my husband's friends. I am a late comer to the group, they have all known each other for up to 20 years now, so I get there is a lot of history and whatnot that I am not involved in. But for god's sake, why am I being subjected to the "queen bee's" mean girl behavior??? I went to a local sporting event with my husband this weekend and sat a seat away from Queen Bee (QB). I didn't greet her because she jumped up and ran to my husband to give him a hug and then did not even look for me. So I made my rounds hugging and greeting the guys in the group (who I totally get along with). Then she sat about 3 feet away from me and ignored me for half an hour. At one point, she looked me in the face and said nothing, so I was like "yawn" because I am too old to try to pretend we're friends. Then she went to the bathroom, came back and was like, "Hey! When did you get here?!?" I was like, "I have been here the whole time. I was sitting next to you." I am over it with this girl. To his credit, my husband was like, "Sit with me, already!" and ditched the after the game activities. I told him I have had it with this girl. I heard him and QB's husband talking about getting together this upcoming Saturday. The thought of dealing with her another weekend makes me want to stay home and shave my head with a cheese grater. I know my husband won't force me to go, but she is a terrible gossip and the rest of the crew tends to think of my husband as a bit of a "loser" because he waited so long to get married. I don't want her to talk shit about why I am not there.

Ugh! Advice on how to deal with this shit? I would like to just pull her aside and tell her off but I know she'd act all hurt, like the victim. I am pretty much the ice queen to her, but I kind of want to confront her.