(TW: sexual assault, bi- and homophobia)

As I'm sure most of you know, Project Unbreakable is an awareness/photography project showcasing sexual assault survivors holding signs with quotes from their attackers. Sometimes the photos are grouped by theme, and this week there was a set of photos of women who were attacked because they are/were perceived to be LGBT.

For various reasons, I kind of have a tendency to mentally filter out stuff about sexual assault, but these stood out to me as an openly queer woman. Fortunately, I've never been assaulted, but given that I live in an isolated area in a very red state, I've often been afraid that I'm going to be targeted for violence. I had a longer thing written out about coping with that fear, but I decided against including it here as I thought it would be insensitive to people who have actually experienced assault. I still thought these were worth passing along, though, as evidence of a special type of violence non-het women face:


More photos here: http://projectunbreakable.tumblr.com/post/806119969…