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Meanwhile, at Ivriniel's school...

Long post, so here's a thumbnail:

Behaviour kid defies two teachers, and one vice principal. Refuses to go the office, completely disrupts me when I am on my prep. I go to admin, ask that his behaviour be addressed before he allowed back in class in the afternoon. Am assured it will be. It isn't. Shop Steward goes and forces the issue. Principal takes student briefly, before dumping him on a different teacher. No idea if behaviour was addressed at all.



Long version, for anyone who really wants to see the level of head desk/facepalm I went through today.

So today was a red letter day at work. My extremely defiant student was being in regular charming self this morning, when his Reading Recovery Teacher came to collect him for their daily session. He refused to go. She gave him a choice. Do it now, or do it at recess, she was not wasting her time. He told her he wasn't going. So she told him she would see him at recess, and left.

About 5 minutes later, he gets up and leaves the classroom. He gets his books and runs down to her office, where she is working with another student. He tells her that I sent him. She tells him to go back to class.


He comes back to the classroom, but instead of coming inside gets out his lunch. Someone sees him, and tells me. I tell him to come inside, and leave his lunch for lunch time. He refuses. So I shut the door and call the office. No one comes. In a little while, he's knocking on the door. I ask him if he's going to cooperate if I let him in. He says yes. I let him in, and he promptly pulls a fruit cup out of his shirt. When I tell him to stop eating, he goes and puts some desks between us. Rather than chase him around, I ignore him, and go back to the other kids.

Reading Recovery teacher turns up shortly before recess and takes him. He goes with her, but apparently the moment the recess bell rang, he burst into tears and ran off. I come back to the classroom for dismissing the class and find him in the room, crying. Earlier in the morning, he convinced one of my other students to let him keep that student's ball in his locker. When he went to RR for recess, the other kid asked me if he could take his ball, and I let him. So behaviour kid is crying because the ball isn't in his locker.


As I am trying to find out what is going on, they page this kid to come to the office. I don't know that he has run away at this point, and for once he is willing to go to the office when called, so I walk him down to the office. I get there, and his RR teacher is there telling the one VP that he ran away. VP calls him to come to her office. He says no, and runs out the door.

Recess ends, and I have my prep time, but I need to finish up this reading assessment that I have to do with individual students called the DRA. I can't DRA when behaviour kid is in the room, because he gets jealous if he sees me spending 1 on 1 time with other kids, and raises hell. So I pull two kids from Music, and go back to my classroom. Unfortunately when I walked behaviour kid down to the office before, I left the door open, and behaviour kid is now in there. I tell him to go back to the office. He refuses. I call the office and tell them that he is in the room. I get asked "So he's with you, then?" I tell the "No, I am on my prep, I am not supervising him." Response "But he's there with you, right? We need to know where he is." I tell them yes, here's here now, but someone needs to get him.


So I try to ignore behaviour kid and focus on the kids I am assessing. Behaviour kid engages in such behaviour as shouting out details about the book one of the other kids is reading (behaviour kid read it earlier) playing with classroom supplies, climbing the window frame beside my classroom door, playing with the P.A. system, and in one particularly inspired moment of attention seeking behaviour, ran downstairs to the music room, took the other student's ball, brought it back up to the classroom, and started bouncing it around the room.

I mostly ignore him, except to take things away from him.

He is in the room for most of the period and then runs off somewhere. I go to his locker, take the ball, and hide it in the classroom.


Just before lunch I run into the VP who looks at me and asks, "Are you ok?" I just sigh, and mumble something about how if you're looking for him, I don't have a clue where he is.

Lunchtime, I go and talk to my Shop Steward. He offers to go with me to talk to either the Principal or the VP, whichever I prefer. I say I'd like to go on my own first, but ask his advice about whether I should talk to the VP (whom I find passive-aggressive) or the Principal. He advises me to just speak to whomever I can find, because they are all in meetings at lunch.

What I want, is this kid's epic level of defiance to be addressed. Because I know if he acts up, and it's not addressed before a major break in the day, it's never going to be. I run into the Principal in the hall, explain the situation, and tell him that behaviour student is not welcome back in my class after lunch until this addressed. Principal tells me to send him down after lunch, I tell him that I'll try but that he often refuses to go. He says "Ok , then, either I or VP will come and collect him after lunch. And we will see about getting you another prep period since this kid disrupted it." I thank him, and fill in the shop steward on the conversation. Shop Steward tells me to let him know how things go.


So the bell goes, and no one turns up. Behaviour kid comes back after recess with another ball telling me "My big friend let me borrow it." The afternoon crawls on, and the kid is obnoxious. He's hitting, grabbing other kids, making noise, etc etc. Weirdly though at one point he announces that he wants to go sit in the Grade 2 class next door.

The teacher is a lovely woman who doesn't mind if kids have a time out in her room, as long as they are not disruptive, so I send him.


Oh, and the "big friend" turns up asking for his ball back, because behaviour kid took it without permission. (Marking at least the second time he has stolen a ball from an older kid. I find myself almost wishing that one of them would pound him for it. Natural consequences can be a good teacher.)

Have a lesson with the other kids, and they get to work, and then behaviour kid comes back. He's missed the lesson of course, and is demanding my immediate attention to tell him what to do. I make him wait a little, and when I turn to help him, he refuses to talk to me. So I help other kids. Every time I go back to him, he is refusing to talk to me, but the moment I turn away, he starts complaining that I am not helping him. He's also continuing to bother other students.


Recess arrives, and I think I have yard duty, so I send a note to my Shop Steward that says "There has been no followthrough." I get down to my spot, and another teacher is there. I see the Shop Steward in the hall and he is on his way to talk to the Principal. Apparently he went in stone faced, and the Principal immediately knew why he was there. The Steward just looked at him and said "Now, or never?" and the Principal told the Steward he would go talk to me. I ran into the Principal in the hall, and he said to tell the kid to come and see him after recess. I tell him I will try, and he says if he won't go, then page the office and he will come. He also says "We'll get him out of your room for a while. And we'll try to get you your prep." With one period left in the day. Yeah, that's happening.

After I got back upstairs, it occurs to me that his words indicate that the Principal is missing my point. The point was not to get this kid out of my room (though that is nice) the point was that his constant defiance be addressed. The point is this kid thinks he can ignore adults with impunity, and they don't back me up.


So after recess, the behaviour kid turns up, and I tell him to go the office, the Principal wants to see him. Miraculously, he goes.

About 20 minutes later, we have a fire drill, and as I am taking my class out into the hall, behaviour kid is there, all smiles, getting his hat out of his locker. I take the hat away from him, and tell him that during a fire drill you are not allowed to go back for anything. And then he runs off.


I get the rest of the kids outside and see behaviour kid standing in line with a Grade 2 teacher. Now, the other VP at my school has gotten it into his head that this Grade 2 teacher is the class this kid should be placed in for next year, and thinks that this Grade 2 teacher's class should be behaviour kid's "safe space" where he can go when he is angry. Grade 2 teacher is not amused, by this suggestion by VP, who has never talked to her about it despite talking to me about it twice, especially since other VP seems to be unaware that she has already been designated the "safe space" for another student. So I'm thinking "Isn't this interesting?".

Anyways, end of the day comes, kid comes back to class and has a few more parting shots of obnoxiousness.


After school, I ask Grade 2 teacher how kid ended up with her. She says the Principal came and brought him to her room 5 minutes before the fire drill, and also said something about how they want her to get to know him, since they think he should be placed with her next year.

Oh, yes, Grade 2 teacher tells me that kid came to her all smiles and told her "I'm not in trouble, I'm just coming to this class for a while."


Kid lies all the time, so I don't know if that's what he was told at the office or not.


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