Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Meanwhile at my house...

Geico commercial comes on

Noklew: Is that really Salt 'n Peppa?

Me: and Spinderella.

Noklew: and Spinderalla?

Me: Yes.

Noklew: *rewinding*

Me: You're going backward what are you...?

Noklew: I want to see it.

*watch commercial*

Noklew: That's not them.

Me: Yes it is.

Noklew: They look different.

Me: They are older. We all look different

Noklew: I don't think it's them

Me: It IS them.

Noklew: How do you know?

Me: I just do. Damn. What the hell?

The end?


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