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Meanwhile in Ohio...

This happened

Here's a little tidbit for you:

Abortion providers in Ohio would have to inform pregnant women in writing about the presence of a fetal heartbeat before the procedure under a last-minute change slipped into the state budget.

The amendment which also requires providers to say, to the best of their knowledge, the statistical probability of bringing the fetus to term was added Tuesday night by a Republican-dominated, six-member legislative committee.

It would also ban doctors from purposefully performing or inducing an abortion on a pregnant woman before determining the presence of a detectable fetal heartbeat unless there is a medical emergency. They could face criminal penalties for violating the “informed consent” rules.

The abortion regulations were among dozens of revisions to the budget the conference committee passed Tuesday night, as a deadline drew closer to finish the $61.7 billion, two-year spending plan.

What in the actual fuck?


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