One ... I need to leave Facebook. It is where good conversations go to die in all caps cemetaries.

With that said... I’m getting that weird feeling when all your interactions online feel strained when it comes to soemthing. This morning, I woke up to this video going down my TL. I’m friends with Tamale and a bunch of other performers of various talents in Chicago.

Now, I am not poo-pooing anyone else’s outrage. Because frankly, it’s gross. BUT...

I’m feeling like taking a more reasonable approach to my outrage? A more measured approach?

There is just so much going on, this is just one of the many things happening. I am not one to say you have to care more about something than something else, that’s not my place. But *I* want to have enough outrage to spread around healthily.

Right after this spread across my TL, I see there’s something in Baltimore happening...

Additionally, I feel like the only thing making this worse is everyone’s response. From the owner to the Jez article. Her snarky approach didn’t seem like genuine concern for anyone’s well being or feelings of intrusion. It felt like she was typing up a gossip article. This isn’t gossip and there’s a lot of holes in both Tamale’s video/story.

TLDR; I’m getting flamed and downvoted into the seven hells for not grabbing a torch for the mob happening on Facebook.