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Meatloaf May Never Sing Again

His body has really turned on him. He now uses a walker to get around. He is only 70 too rather young still.

He had one of the best power voices of any male when he was in his prime even until the 1990s. His voice has gone downhill a lot. His latest album he is talking more then singing.


His personality is toxic. At times he was too full of himself. Health crisis does a lot to cure that in terms of humility.

I love watching concert footage of him performing. You could see he dominated a stage like few can. His songs are slightly different each time I notice. His duos with Patti Russo especially Paradise By Dashboard Light is especially different I notice. Heavily ad libbed song.


Did you know he hated I Would Do Anything For Love? He said the audience expects it with every concert. I could see why. The full song is 12 minutes. I love the song but the shorter MTV length is long enough.

I know he is alive but its the end of a glorious singing career.

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