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Meatloaf's New Song From Album Braver Then We Are

First let me thank Emmersdoesnotrepresent me telling us about this new album.

I do not know why Meatloaf uploaded his entire album to youtube. He had such a fantastic voice, one of the best power/ballad singers of my time. Sadly his voice is shot, its more talking then singing. I picked this song since it has Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito. This is really Foley and Devito’s song they both toured with him on original Bat Out of Hell. Foley I believe was the duet partner on Bat Out Of Hell’s Paradise By The Dashboard Light. Foley also costarred on Night Court. She started past season one. Foley and Devito are really good dueting, its a power ballad and easily an identifiable Steinam song.,

Song is Going All The Way Is Just The Start.



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