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Med Change due to Recall?!?

It appears that there’s a recall on my ADHD meds o_O This does explain why i was struggling to focus and write my thesis this whole last semester. With the exodus of shrinks from Kaiser several months ago i wasn’t notified cuz my doctor was one of those who left. So my new doctors today took a look at my meds and asked if they were working. To which I told him that I’ve been having a hard time getting shit done. Which until today I thought was due to having too much unstructured time on my hands. Now it appears it’s because my generic meds were ineffective >:(

In addition, they want to switch my anxiety meds to Zoloft because i’m trying to get preggers and apparently it’s safer for pregnant women. That is if I manage to overcome my infertility. I also got a lecture about being a high risk pregnancy cuz over 35. He’s lucky I made it to that early morning appt in the first place. Luckily he shut up when I explained that I was aware of the risks. I thought about changing docs at that point, but he got back in my good graces when he promised to work with my docs if i did manage to pop out a kid.

Unfortunately only certain docs can prescribe my meds because of rampant abuse on colleges. (grrrrrr) So I’ll need to find a different doctor to do CBT with if I have to go off my meds. *sigh*


So, who’s been on Zoloft? Anything I should know? Should I taper off Buspar? (I probably should)

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