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Welcome To The Bitchery

Med school student sings 'I Don't Know' to 'Let It Go'

I don't even know how I stumbled across this. Who knows how you stumble across anything in YouTube. But it made me laugh and laugh.

They've also got 'Book of Netter's' sung to the tune of 'Hello' from Book of Mormon, and 'Gunner Style' to the tune, obviously, of 'Gangnam Style'. Harvard Medical School also hate-serenades gunners, in 'The Gunner Song' to the tune of 'Thrift Shop' which is great but not quite as great as 'Gunner Style'. But their 'What Does the Fox Say?' transformed into 'What Does the Spleen Do?' is solid fucking gold. "(Secret male uterus?")


I then fell promptly down a med school musical parody wormhole, and this is my other most favourite one I've found.

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