In the grand tradition of Groupthink, I would like to take a moment to honor Shiny Red Robot, who has proven herself to be an invaluable member of our community.

For those of you who weren't aware, our search for the greatest Benedict Cumberbatch gif in the world began when NightcheeseNightman posted some Cumberbatch gifs which put me in mind of one from my lost youth (i.e. a couple weeks ago), and I asked if she had the gif in which Sherlock, Molly and Irene's heads were superimposed most cunningly on a swaggy hiphop video. NightcheeseNightman, being a savvy dweller of the internet, of course knew precisely the gif of which I spoke, but sadly was not in possession of the thing.

NightcheeseNightman wisely thought to put out a call to the other lovers of gifs and of the Cumberbatch, asking for assistance in finding this treasure of animation, and Groupthinkers sprang readily into action, assembling a beautifully bizarre collection of gifs from all corners of the web. zap rosdower, RemediosVaro, unholyghost and BerkRie all made contributions to this gallery, and are to be thanked, though they could not find the ultimate prize.


At last, some seven hours into a grueling search that had led us to the deepest corners of the 'net, places where Molly and Watson were 'shipped, places where Benedict Cumberbatch was both child rapist and angry caterpillar, places where Watson looked really good in a bra and pant(ie)s, when doubt was creeping inexorably into our hearts, a cry was heard across Groupthink! The gif had been found and it was Shiny Red Robot who had found it!

For her incomparable knowledge of gifs, for her altruism in sharing them, for her contributions to the well-being of me, NightcheeseNightman, and all the members of Groupthink and greater Jezebellian community, I hereby present this gold medal for Excellence in GIF Hunting to Shiny Red Robot.


Three cheers for the hero of the day!

And, should you have missed it, behold, the Best GIF on the Internet: