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Welcome To The Bitchery

Before I start, this could be triggering for some wrt violence/unsafe working environment

Also I’m back y’all! I missed this place :)

I work in a residence for adults with psychiatric disabilities. My agency doesn’t own the building, so the property management company has its own staff, including the building’s super (for those unfamiliar, he does the maintenance/repairs in the building). My old boss (a man) quit in March, and ever since it’s been a living nightmare. Multiple instances of him yelling at me, often in front of staff and tenants; speaking rudely to the people who live in the building; ever-changing rules that seem to depend on his mood.

About two months ago, when I said to him as calmly as possible that if he would like to have a tenant banned from the building, it was up to him to inform the security desk and provide a photo so that they could refuse entry (we often have clients from other programs in our office). He responded by repeatedly screaming that he would “violate” me, and when I asked him to leave he wouldn’t until I closed my office door in his face. At which point I promptly had the worst panic attack of my life and couldn’t feel my hands.

Upon reporting this to the management company, they waited three weeks to address it at all, then had my new boss attend a meeting where they told her they want to hear “his side” and that he wasn’t there to “defend himself.” So tomorrow, I get to sit in a meeting with the assumption that this person who is comfortable threatening people without fear of repercussion has something valid to say.

Could use any advice on staying calm/logistics from people further removed from this situation than I.

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