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Medical advice-ish: Should I call the hospital?

So this Wednesday, my mom started having some weird symptoms while out of town for doctor’s appointment and ended being hospitalized. My dad was there with her, while I’ve stayed back at home, 90 miles away. Last night I drove over there to bring them fresh clothes as well as my dad’s meds. My dad gave me some cash for the gas, and he followed my progress back home after I left.

I got a call this afternoon that my dad was also hospitalized after he started to collapse (probably due to not taking his meds for a few days, I’m thinking, as this has happened repeatedly in the past). He called me at work and asked me to come by the hospital to sit with my mom after I got off work. I told him I would. My mom called a few hours later, and I informed her that I was planning on driving down to be with her. She told me that was absolutely ridiculous, I didn’t need drive all that way to sit with her when she’d be knocked out from pain meds and whatnot. All fine and to be expected, really.


A few minutes ago, my dad called again. He said I should try to swing by after work a few days this week. Our conversation from there went something like this: So he did not realize his

Me: “A few days this week after work...that’s a 3 hour drive. Every night.”
Him: “Three hours?!”
Me: “...an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back.”
Him: “It should only be 20 minutes! Where are you?!”
Me: “I’m in [home city]”
Him: “What route are you taking that it takes an hour and a half?!”
Me: “...you remember that you’re in [big city an hour and a half away], right?”
Him: “....OOOOOOH. Okay, disregard everything I said.”


I asked him if he forgot where he was, and he said it hadn’t even crossed his mind since all this happened today that he was at a different hospital than usual.

So my question is this: Should I call the nurse’s station hospital and let them know about this slip of the mind of his? Or do you think it’s no big deal? (If it helps, my dad is 56 years old and has never had any memory problems to speak of.)


(I know GT isn’t necessarily qualified to give medical advice, but opinions on what I should do would be nice! Thanks!!)

Update: I went ahead and called the nurse’s station. I know it’s probably not a big deal, and I told them as much, but you guys (and my doctor friend) told me that it wouldn’t hurt at all to make sure the nurses were aware he’d experienced a touch of (understandable) disorientation. Thank you for all your help!!

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