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Medical Advice Request

Does anyone know if those doc-in-a-box clinics can test for pertussis?

So my fever hasn’t broken (been going since Wednesday). While I feel better in some ways, today I started with some spasms of painful deep coughing spells lasting 5-10 mins. Like coughing so hard I ended up crying or almost vomiting.


I had something similar in grad school, like 2009ish, and student health just kept saying I had a cold. In retrospect, severe hacking coughing spells lasting 6 weeks was probably whooping cough/pertussis. It finally went away, but yeah that Spring semester fucking sucked.

Same onset and patterning as what I am experiencing now. Cold medicine does nothing to help the cough, but between the coughing spells I generally feel pretty good. I don’t have a primary care physician, and I have legit shit insurance. I can call a few clinics tomorrow, but I don’t really have the money to blow if all they’ll diagnose is a chest cold since they lack the means to test properly.

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