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Medical Debt Stuff

I mentioned this in an OT, and it was suggested I create my own post.

As many of you know, my father died last year, 11 weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He didn’t have life insurance and my parents’ savings had been drained because he had taken off a lot of work due to not feeling well (you know, since he was dying without knowing it.)


Today I found out that my mom was taken to court by a collection agency hired by the clinic that failed to diagnose his cancer. Old timers, remember when I said that his doctor congratulated my parents over the results of the CT scan, and said there was just “some spotting” on his pancreas and gallbladder? You know, the day before another doctor told him he was dying? It was these assholes.

Over $300.

There is now a lien on the house and they are going to garnish my mom’s wages. Court fees brought the debt up to over $600.


Another clinic is threatening to do the same for $400.

I would have paid the $300 if she would have told me, but now I just spent a ton on classroom supplies (our medical AND educational systems are fucked.) I can pay those that are actively threatening to sue when I get my first teaching check. She owes a few thousand more from other doctors who treated my dad, and I can’t pay it all.


What are some options? She said that she offered to pay smaller payments for the first debt and they refused. She lost her husband of 33 years and really doesn’t need to worry about losing her house.

She lives near Portland, Oregon.

(Also, thanks for the support on my previous post. I sent it to drafts because I didn’t want all that panic out there. You guys rule.)


ETA: I did submit a request for help from ripmedicaldebt.org (made famous by John Oliver), but I am not relying on that.

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