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Welcome To The Bitchery


Would you like to know a secret GroupThink?

Too bad. I've got no one else I can tell.

I've got three days till I find out if I have : Rheumatoid Arthritis, Leukemia, Psoriasis, or Lyme Disease. It's like a multiple choice quiz where every answer is a loser.


What really pisses me off?

The school doctors are the ones who actually listened to me and are diagnosing me. My family doctor who I've seen for the past decade? Has been brushing me off, and I just realized it.

I went to go see him over the summer, because I got a super gross tick bite that wouldn't heal. He said it'd be fine, and just keep it clean.

I went to go see him again over break because my leg had gotten so weak that I sometimes fell down for no apparent reason, and my knee and elbow hurt all the time. Sometimes so much I couldn't sleep.


He gave me a tube of pain relief gel (that barely helps...), told me "sometimes joints just hurt" and sent me home.

Cut to last week when I suddenly found a weird rash on my arm and mentioned it, by chance, to the doctor at school while she was giving me my vaccine.


Two days later and a whole doctor team is asking me questions, making me feel guilty for not coming to the doctor sooner, and doing shit tons of tests. But actually listening to me.

But now I'm waiting for test results to come back in, and I'm cranky and curmudgeonly, but can't tell my friends/family because I HATE freaking people out for no reason. And calling my mom up to be like "Yo, soooo they're doing a test to see if I'm dying. We'll see how that goes?" seems cruel.


So. I'm having solo groupdrink and rant, and am angry because if my family doctor had just done any tests at all ever this wouldn't be freaking necessary. Also, now, I'm freaking out about all of the things I thought were legit medical issues that he just brushed off.

And my credit card got stolen.


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