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UPDATE Medical hoops of awesomeness.

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It looks like I am going to have to justify getting my doctor to send me copies of my blood work results (blood work which I only even got after having to get a second opinion from her partner.) Apparently the office is not allowed to just email them to me, and I need my doctor to "invite" me on her online system to view my results. Which she will only do if I can adequately explain why I would want to do that.


My real reason is that I frankly think she treats the lab results, rather than the patient. I do not think she will look at my new labs vs. old ones. I do not think she will look at borderline normals as potentially worthy of investigation. My doctor is also one of those who says, "Oh, I'll call you if anything is wrong" but I now realize that her idea of a problem and my idea of a problem are probably sleeping in separate beds. Sadly, these are all things that will get me fired as a patient - and we are in a doctor shortage, so just letting myself get fired is not an option.

I was thinking of saying that as I am so terrible at remembering how long it has been since I had various tests/procedures, I would like all results emailed to me so that I can easily track when I should be booking appointments.


Anyone got suggestions? Stories?


Well, well, well. It's definitely not a technical hoop in this instance - as suspected it's more a shaming patients hoop. I had The Conversation - and I stuck to everyone's advice: I need my labs to complete my records. What I got back? I was going to share these results with you when you come in for your [procedure.] Oh, you mean in three weeks? OK... Not acceptable.


But I get set up on the system; it takes 25 seconds. And, what do you know? All sorts of issues - handily flagged in red by the lab itself. Several borderline issues that I will address next visit.

Thanks everyone, this was a HUGE help and I can definitely call this round a win!

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