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Medical Jezzie help?

Uh, so, you guys might remember I came down with a case of shingles?...

In the shower, I found a marble-sized lump in my armpit. I'm heading to the doctor now. This is probably a swollen lymph node, right? A side effect of shingles?

I am trying super hard to stay calm and collected right now.

UPDATE: Doctor said he's 90% sure it's a swollen lymph node, based on the placement, the size, the fact that it's mobile and that I have a concurrent case of shingles.


He went ahead and ordered a mammogram, since I have some family history.

UPDATE POST-SCRIPT: The screening place called, and after putting me on hold for twenty minutes, told me they couldn't schedule me because there was a coding issue. I may or may not have lost my shit at that point and threatened to "come down there." The doctor is currently sorting out the coding.


ALSO: Thank you guys, so much. I can't even tell you how much better this made me feel and how awesome you all are.

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