I have appendicitis. Yay!

I've been whining about dealing with some issues with my diabetes. While I've managed to stabilize my blood sugar levels and even gotten two full nights of sleep, I've been feeling really awful the past few days. Just very tired, cramped and achy stomach, nausea. I threw up yesterday, so I went to the hospital again today and the doctor said I have a mild appendix infection. No fever luckily. They gave me all kinds of antibiotics. I took some general antibiotics I had last night, after throwing up and I've been completely ketone-free since then, so I think I'm on the right track.


I feel oddly calm about the whole thing. I think it's more scary not knowing what's wrong with me. Now that I know, I can deal with it like a rational person. Plus, maybe I can get my school to fix the heater in my classroom by guilting them about the appendicitis.

I also started downloading all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon thanks to FreeSampleThief's post about the Sailor Moon lingerie. I'm pretty excited about that. Wish me luck, everyone!