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I finally went to the doctor about my fatigue and some dizziness I’ve been having. (I had flown the week before and had developed a persistent dizziness that had lasted for a week after flying.) It was...disappointing to say the least.

First, a medical resident comes in. He doesn’t ask me questions about when I started having exhaustion/when the dizziness started. No questions about my symptoms at all. All questions about my weight, what I normally eat, my family’s history of diabetes, and how much water I drink. I answered all these respectfully and acknowledge that I am making efforts to eat and live healthier. I tell him I had Nexplanon removed about a month ago and that I have actually lost 10 pounds since then.

You guys. He says, “No you haven’t, that’s not what it says here. It says you’ve gained 2 lbs”. I tell him I have been tracking it on my scale at home and my weight was actually higher originally than what they are showing it as. When the nurses weigh me, they do it quickly. It’s conceivable that the first weighing measure may have been too low because the nurses know it’s awkward to stare at the scale.


HE MAKES ME GET BACK ON THE SCALE. I take off my giant hoodie, which houses my wallet, keys, and cell phone. This makes things a little better.

He recommends that I drink more water and start exercising more, then goes to talk with the nurse practitioner he is shadowing. She comes in and asks essentially the same questions about everything. She gives me a referral to drink more water and make an appointment with the dietician. These are not awful things, but also not super related to what I came in for.

At this point, I verbalize my confusion. “I’ve been fat my whole life. I’ve been fatigued for the past 3 months. I’m confused about why we’re not addressing that.” So then she begrudgingly gives me a referral for a sleep study and a blood panel. Do they ask any questions/do anything about the dizziness? No. By that time I’m too flabbergasted to even remember to ask about it again.

I call my sister later, who is a PA. She asks me two questions about my dizziness and is able to diagnose me OVER THE PHONE. I pick up some OTC meds and 3 days later I am dizzy-free. It’s amazing how helpful medical professionals can be when they ask you why you came to see them.


I wouldn’t have been upset if they had given me the exercising/dietician advice in conjunction with treating my actual problems. But they went straight to my weight as the cause of all things that could possibly be making me ill. So frustrating.

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