This isn’t what I would consider a gross or TMI question but if stuff to do with eyes bothers you, here’s your warning!

So last week I got pretty sleep deprived due to a number of factors, and developed a twitch in my right eyelid. It is SUPER ANNOYING, although the internet tells me it’s no big deal and apparently it isn’t even super visible to other people.

But I got twelve hours of sleep Friday night and it seemed to go away. I posted about my Saturday night and the resulting sex-having by other people on my futon, so yeah I didn’t get great sleep that night. Yesterday I was horribly hung over, so I went to bed by nine pm last night so I could get nine hours of sleep—AND THIS MORNING THE TWITCH IS BACK!

WHYYYY?! I can try to go to bed early tonight but I have to get up early every day this week so getting a lot of sleep might be hard this week—I have a lot of things to get done.

For added context, I have POTS and take florinef and a potassium supplement for that, and drinking is not good for POTS (but I do it on weekends anyway, sue me) and losing electrolytes is bad. Is that connected to my eye twitch? Will salt help? Will caffeine make it worse? (I will drink coffee anyway because I can’t live without it, even though it is a diuritic and not great for POTS, you’d have to kill me to make me give up booze and coffee.) God I am really bad at following doctor rules, they also told me aspirin isn’t the best choice but I still take it for headaches and I don’t watch my sugar like I should. Anyway, is there anything I can do to fix this besides sleep?

It seriously drives me nuts.