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Medical question

I’m not expecting GT to solve this for me, I’m just wondering if anyone had any experience with this or advice/thoughts as I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for by googling.

I’m having some issues that are causing me to vomit often. I am not exactly sick, it’s more that something I am finding unpleasant in the moment sets it off. This is a relatively new thing for me. I have always had a stronger revulsion reflex than your average person, but in the past this has been that I might gag a bit if I have to get rid of milk that has gone off for example, not actual vomiting and certainly not any response this often. Things I struggle to do now are really basic, even down to putting things in the bin, clearing Molko’s litter tray (It doesn’t even smell!). It’s not ideal at all, though I’m grateful that otherwise I’m fine.


This has been happening since I came off my anxiety medication at the beginning of the year. At the time, I was extremely ill for a whole month and vomiting was part of that, though it was not a reaction in the sense it is now, more a constant because I was so unwell. I have been off the medication with no other symptoms since the end of February but I don’t know - could this be a lingering effect? A permanent change? I’m just really not sure where to start.

If anyone had any thoughts or experience I would be grateful. I’m not able to take time to go to the doctor for a while yet so I’m more initially conducting my own investigation to try and understand a little than not planning to go to the doctor at all!

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