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Medical questions

I’m looking for help or experiences or anything at this point. Recently I tested positive for the Epstein Barr virus vca igg, Ebna, but negative on the vca igm. The doctor had requested these specific tests out of suspicion of chronic fatigue syndrome. So when I got these results back, she just told me they showed I had the virus but not very recently. What makes this more confusing is I had mono 15 years ago, which also caused the virus or something.

I’m confused cause she basically hasn’t told me anything other than these results might explain my symptoms but it’s not conclusive and she could refer me to infectious diseases but probably nothing would come of it.

What do I do? I’m just. So. Tired. It’s embarrassing. I feel silly bothering the doctor cause I’m tired, and that’s not the only symptom but I don’t know what to do. I just always end up feeling like a burden and nothing definitive happens.


Advice? Experiences with chronic fatigue ? It doesn't help that I'm also vitamin d deficient (taking prescribed supplements for that) and anemic (not taking iron cause screw those side effects).

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