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So I had a kidney infection last month, and didn't want to go to the hospital. I did, by that time I had a stabbing pain that was causing me to double over, once actually collapsing on the ground. Went to the ER, they gave me painkillers and prescriptions and it went away. Now the beginning symptoms are back, and so I went to planned parenthood and they gave me some antibiotics.

So. Then we went to the hospital to see about payment arrangements for the bill we'd gotten. Four hundred ish. And then found out there was another bill for FOUR THOUSAND ODD dollars. Seriously! It's like a large monster standing behind another monster.

So I guess we are going to go to Medical and apply for ... something. Then if we don't get it, we need a rejection letter, then we can go back to the hospital.

How can it possibly cost so much to exist?

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