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Meditation resources and advice.

Dear hivemind, I'd like to get on board this meditation thing but I don't even want to think about what will come up if I google the phrase. (Actually, I already tried and the results were so smarmy I couldn't cope.) Anyone here who has some good resources and advice on how to get started?

In short, I was never interested in meditation but recently have been in a situation where deep breaths and actively trying to let go of frustration, anxiety, etc., have become very necessary and also very useful. I find that simply breathing, taking quiet moments for myself, and reminding myself these are not my problems or faults help, but I'd like to explore this a bit further.


What I'm hoping to get out of meditation is a)help to keep me from exploding with rage in the near future, but also b)longer term acceptance, compassion, understanding of my body, lessened anxiety (I run towards panicky - just how I was built), and all that good stuff.

I'm not religious in the least and don't wish to become so. Most self-help books make me run the other way, so I'm looking for something that would be practically oriented and would go beyond platitudes/things I've already figured out myself. In case someone has this thought, finding an instructor will be difficult since I'll be in a foreign country and travelling around a lot.

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